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Blinds Day & Night 3D

Problind made-to-measure day and night blinds made of three-dimensional fabric is more than the effect of "Day and Night". The innovative technology used in these blinds, based on the use of appropriate materials, allows even more light to let into the room.

3D blinds are a combination of fabric blinds and the functionality of window shutters. They can be adjusted depending on individual needs and preferences. So you can cover the window only partially or completely, and the beautiful patterns as well as delicate fabrics make the blind become the most stylish interior decoration.

All 3D day-night roller blind systems are equipped with one of two self-locking chain mechanisms - a mechanism without a cassette (in white) or with a cassette (in anthracite).

3D day and night blind measurement instructions:
1. measure width and height of the window recess
2. If the blind is mounted above the window recess, 5 cm should be added to the width of the recess and 15 cm to the height of the blind

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