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Blinds Day & Night maxi

Free-hanging maxi blinds made-to-measure in the MGS system are designed for larger glazing, where they effectively protect the room interior against overheating and allow to regulate the angle of light entering the room. They are mounted to the wall with mounting clips above or in the middle of the window recess.

How to correctly measure the window for mounting free-hanging maxi blind?
1. Measure the width and height of the window recess (assembly in the window recess)
2. If the blind is mounted above the window recess, 5 cm should be added to the width of the recess and 15 cm to the height of the blind.

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Custom-made free-hanging maxi blinds
At Problind you can order high quality free hanging maxi blinds made-to-measure, ideal for large glazing and large window sizes. They are offered in several dozen of colours and designs, as well as in any size. Our blinds can be self-assembly, and the manual is available on our YouTube channel.