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Mini roller blinds

Mini blinds with strand guides are one of the most popular window arrangement solutions. They are perfect for mounting on windows and doors in the apartment. Thanks to mini hook for fabric used in these blinds, it is also possible to assembly day and night fabric on it, which allows smooth regulation of the light amount penetrating the room without the need to completely roll up the blind material. The small-sized mechanism is equipped with a self-locking system allowing to set the blind in any position. We use the highest quality components and fabrics from reputable suppliers to blind production.




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Custom-made mini blinds

Mini blinds are manufactured and sold to measure, which always makes them perfectly fit. We have over 70 patterns of fabrics from which you can choose day and night mini blinds fitted to every interior style. They are made as self-assembly blinds which allows any regulation of the angle and intensity of light entering the room.