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PVC Cassette roller blinds

PVC cassette roller blinds constitute one of the most popular solutions when it comes to window arrangements. Problind offers plain and day-night cassette roller blinds. The roller blinds are intended to be self-assembled; our products is a guarantee of the fastest assembly available on the market. Just a few minutes and you can enjoy your new window blind.

All PVC cassette roller blinds are equipped with small self-locking cassette mechanism available in white, black or anthracite colours. For manufacturing of the roller blinds we use top-class components and fabrics from renowned producers.

The fastest available installation on the market.

The assembly of our cassette roller blind requires only a foam tape and it is 100% non-damaging. It is a very robust installation material which guarantees durability for years. This solution prevents from drilling and holes which would be visible after the cassette was disassembled.



How to correctly measure the window for mounting our PVC cassette roller blind?

  1.     Measure the width and height from one glazing bead to the other.
  2.     Save the dimensions in centimetres.
  3.     Ready!







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Custom-made PVC cassette roller blinds

We manufacture and sell custom-made roller blinds in PVC cassette, fitted to every interior arrangement style and every window size. Products are made of high quality materials, and the colour of fabric and cassette is chosen by the customer. We offer over 70 fabric patterns from which you can choose a perfectly matched blind. You can choose plain one-colour patterns as well as melange and day-night ones.