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Roman roller blinds

Custom-made Roman roller blinds are more than just sun protection - they are unique products combining style, elegance, but also simplicity and functionality. Problind offers elegant and fashionable Roman blinds in several stylish designs. They are made from the highest quality fabrics, which are acquired from Spanish producers.

Fabric plays the most important role in the Roman roller blinds. It affects the decorative effect and, consequently, the arrangements of the entire interior. This window decoration can easily refresh your apartment or home by adding a bit of Mediterranean style.
We offer Roman roller blinds made from delicate curtain fabric, which lets in the room atmospheric, diffused light. Problind roller blinds are equipped with a self-locking chain mechanism allowing easy regulation.



How to measure the window for the installation of the Problind Roman blind?

  1.      Measure the width of the window recess and add 5 cm (so that the material overlaps the wall).
  2.      Measure the height of the window recess and add 25 cm to it (remember that the blind when fully folded takes about 25 cm in height).
  3.      Ready!




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Custom-made Roman roller blinds
Our company offers Roman roller blinds made-to-measure. The shrinkage of the fabric from which the blinds are made is 3 to 5%. Stitching are usually made every 25cm, but they can be  prepared differently on client's request.