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Window pleated Shades

Window pleated shades Problind are innovative window shades that can be used universally. Their big feature is that they can cover any part of the window. You can cover the whole window, or just top, middle or bottom of it. This makes regulation of light intensity and the angle of the sun rays streaming child’s play.

The fabric used for window pleated shades is characteristically folded, which enables to protect an interior from the sun but also from the view from outside- it is a great way to keep your privacy. Simplicity and functionality of window pleated shades have been obtained thanks to mounts enabling fixing the shades in a non-damaging way; available in white and brown colours. They can be fixed on a window wing and guide rails will hold the fabric close to it. The solution is very practical, especially when used in hopper-type windows. The window pleated shades wide colour palette makes them easy to fit every style of interior.




Non-invasive assembly (naramowy):
- width from the glazing bead to the glazing bead
- height of the entire window frame
Invasive assembly (glazing):
- width and height of the glass




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